Are You Looking For An Experienced Mushroom
Consultant To Help With Your Project?

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Mushroom Consultancy

Get Help With:

  • Planning and designing a profitable commercial mushroom farm
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Managing the installation and set up of your farm
  • Optimising your production for the highest yield and profit

Commercial Mushroom Growing

With a set up cost of $100k-$200k, you can build a commercial mushroom farm capable of producing 15,000lbs (6,800kg) of mushrooms per month -- run by a team of just four people!
The market for gourmet mushrooms is booming.
With the right setup and production systems, it is possible to run a profitable commercial mushroom farm, bringing the highest quality fresh mushrooms to your area.

Mushroom Growing Consultant

We have partnered with a highly experienced mushroom consultant who has a wealth of experience in the commercial mushroom industry developing highly efficient and low cost mushroom production systems.

He can help with all stages of the process from farm design, to choice of equipment, installation and with ongoing production optimisation.

If you have $100k+ to invest and are interested in finding out more, please leave your details below: